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Q & A

What is abstractanks?
abstractanks is a fast-paced arcade real-time strategy game, developed for PC and Mac. It obviously shares the DNA of such games as Galcon or Multiwinia, but unlike those, each unit has a mass and occupies its own space. Positioning of your units is crucial in abstractanks.
Who are you?
My name is Marius and I have been building this game mostly on my own, with the occasional help from friends.
What is the development history?
I started on this project in 2012 and first released it on the now defunct in august of 2013. The network engine has undergone a major rewrite since the first version, changing it from a peer-to-peer simulation to a server based system. This enabled cross-platform multiplayer and proper support for Linux and Mac.
What are the technologies?
The game is built in C++ and Lua, using OpenGL and a number of open-source libraries. It does not use a pre-made engine. The game originally used Direct3D 10 for its rendering, which was later upgraded to Direct3D 11. For a while, both the Direct3D and the OpenGL renderer remained, but since OpenGL support looked pretty stable on all my target platforms, I eventually ditched the DX back end.
Which open-source libraries does it use?
These awesome libraries: Boost C++ Libraries, Lua, RakNet, Box2D, Protobuf, {fmt}, MPark.Variant, Assimp, Freetype, Luabind (deboostified), curl, OpenSSL, OpenAL Soft, SDL, nlohmann JSON, stb single-file libs, spdlog, lz4, pugixml



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