Marius Elvert
Based in Karlsruhe, Germany

Release date:
13 November, 2020



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Abstractanks is an action-packed real-time-strategy game with an abstract theme. Play intense skirmishes with up to sixteen teams, where map-control, positioning, decision-making, speed and a little bit of luck are rewarded.


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Abstractanks was conceived trying to answer the question whether it was possible to create an action-packed RTS game with a simple control scheme that would work with touch inputs or gamepads. After years of iteration, the result is a game with only a single unit type, which makes micro controls possible with such setups, but also simplifies controls with a traditional mouse/keyboard setup, enabling the player to organically shape their armies on the battlefield.

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  • Play short but intense multiplayer skirmishes with up to 16 players or AIs.
  • Beat the short, handcrafted single-player campaign and master tough optional challenges.
  • Capture spawn circles to quickly produce hundreds of units.
  • Use your map-control to collect and unleash game-changing power-ups.
  • Switch the only unit type between damage- and utility-mode.
  • Climb the leaderboards on procedurally generated maps in the endless horde mode.
  • Freely draw your units into any formation or split units with simple and intuitive controls.


Gameplay Video YouTube


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